Could one of your employees have undetected skin cancer?

Unfortunately, this might well be the case, as New Zealand has one of the world’s highest skin cancer rates. Not a pleasant thought, but it’s better to be fully aware of the dangers we face so we can understand the importance of professional skin checks. Put simply, when it comes to skin cancer, early detection saves lives.

This means regular skin assessments are a crucial part of any corporate wellness plan – especially if your employees are often exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

However it can be difficult to organise time-off without disrupting workplace efficiency, and time-consuming to chase up employees who haven’t been for a skin check. Plus, we all work with someone who would rather work overtime than head to the doctor’s office for a check-up. So why not make life easier for yourself and your employees by investing in a workplace wellness check?

NZ Skin Health corporate packages make it easy and affordable to book an on-site screening. Our caring, compassionate, and highly-trained experts can travel all over NZ, and we offer screening options that can cater to your team’s size and specific needs.

What is skin cancer?

Our clean and clear air, combined with an unfortunately low level of ozone protection above us, exposes New Zealanders to high levels of UV radiation all year round.

Employers should consider the risks that the sun poses to their staff, especially in industries where employees spend a lot of time outside.

UV radiation from the sun causes two main types of skin cancers: melanoma, and non-melanoma skin cancers (squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas).

Although it is less common, melanoma is the most aggressive and life-threatening type of skin cancer as it is more likely to mutate and spread. As with all cancers, cure rates depend heavily on the time of detection, but it is extremely important in the case of skin cancers such as melanoma. Checking your skin, and receiving professional mole checks – such as corporate wellness checks – can save lives.

What industries put workers at a greater risk of skin cancer?

Do you work in an industry that sees your employees working outdoors, or even just close to windows, for long periods of time? If so, you are likely in one of the industries that puts people at a greater risk of developing skin cancers. According to the New Zealand Cancer Society, over 90% of skin cancers are caused by overexposure to UV rays.

This is not an exhaustive list, but there are a few notable industries that face a greater risk due to UV exposure.

These industries are:

  • Construction (such as tradespeople and maintenance workers)
  • Agriculture (such as farmers and agricultural workers)
  • Airline (such as pilots and flight attendants)
  • Trucking (such as long-haul drivers)

It might come as a surprise to see airline and trucking industries included alongside the more traditional outdoors industries, but people exposed to sunlight through windows – especially those at high altitudes – face very high levels of ultraviolet radiation.

What happens during a Workplace Skin Check?

If you and your staff haven’t experienced a skin assessment before, you might be wondering what happens during a workplace skin check. When you book an on-site corporate package with reputable specialists – like NZ Skin Health – you can rest assured that you and your team will be made to feel comfortable.

Wearing comfortable, easy to remove clothing makes a skin screening appointment quick and hassle-free, and providers offer gowns or large towels to protect your privacy during the appointment, while allowing experts to complete a thorough skin screening.

A specialist will examine your skin for any moles, freckles, sun spots, and suspicious lesions. If there are any moles or lesions that you are particularly worried about, let them know at the start of the screening. Make-up can affect the accuracy of imaging technology, so it is important to remove any heavy foundation, concealer, or nail polish before your session.

Early detection could save lives

Including regular skin checks in your corporate wellness program could save the life of one of your staff members – it’s as simple as that. Cure rates differ greatly depending on when it is diagnosed so the earlier a suspicious mole or lesion is detected and checked out by a professional, the better. This is why regular mole checks performed by a skin health specialist provide excellent protection for your team.

A thorough but discreet head-to-toe visual assessment by an expert will put you at ease over your or your team’s skin health, with mole skin check technology used to image and document any potentially dangerous spots. This means it is easy to track any changes in your skin, and stay one step ahead of potentially dangerous moles or lesions.


NZ Skin Health can help

Busy? Let us look after your team’s skin health with a workplace screening. Our corporate skin checks allow staff and management to rest assured that their skin health is in safe hands. Want to learn more, or organise an on-site skin check with NZ Skin Health?

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