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Specialist-level care of moles and skin lesions, in one visit, one day.

Your local NZ Skin Health clinic is the only skin treatment facility where you can be screened, diagnosed, monitored and fully treated in comfort by a team of clinicians that include GPs and a plastic surgeon. Our focus is your comfort.

With our skin check and molemaps, we aim to diagnose and professionally treat or remove any problem lesion, on-site in our clinic, so you can resume your busy life without any lingering anxiety, unnecessary waiting or visiting multiple locations.

Our service is provided by a relaxed, friendly team who use the very latest in artificial intelligence-powered technology. We’re also the first to offer a member-based pricing option which makes your annual mole checks even more affordable. Plus we’re affiliated with Southern Cross which makes the claims process faster and easier.

We treat everything from skin tags and warts to more serious lesions without needing a referral from your GP. As a new patient, your first spot check is free, so you can experience how NZ Skin Health takes the very best care of your skin.

Our Services

Mole Mapping

Mole Removals

Skin Tag & Wart Removal

Reconstructive Surgery

What does Skin Cancer look like?


Basal Cell

Squamous Cell

Ever wondered what a Melanoma looks like?

Check out our education section. We have lots of information to help you learn: common skin cancers, how to best avoid skin cancer, how to identify potential cancerous moles and how to make better sunscreen purchases

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