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NZ Skin Health Melanoma Prevention Specialist

Experience a Skin Check / Mole Map by our friendly team of specialist Doctors and Nurses, backed by the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence, and be comforted with the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your visit.

We are the first in NZ to offer a member based pricing structure, saving you not only money, quite possibly your life. We have GP’s and Plastics Surgeons within the clinics to treat (or remove for lab testing) any suspicious lesions -usually on the same day! Being Health Insurance affiliated means we can handle these claims for you.

Alternatively, our membership pricing takes the sting out of any removal surgery or treatment you may request. We offer free helpful advice, and your first spot check is also absolutely free. We can of course offer treatments for non-cancerous lesions such as skin tags and warts while you are here, quickly and cost effectively, without requiring a referral from your GP. We are passionate about reducing Melanoma suffering in NZ, by Detecting Skin Cancers Early, Urgently Confirming Diagnosis, and Treating Early, to Maximise your chance of a great outcome.

NZ Skin Health is paving the way to make Skin cancer detection and treatment more accessible to the general public.

Our Services

Mole Mapping

Mole Removals

Skin Tag & Wart Removal

Reconstructive Surgery

What does Skin Cancer look like?


Basal Cell

Squamous Cell

Ever wondered what a Melanoma looks like?

Check out our education section. We have lots of information to help you learn: common skin cancers, how to best avoid skin cancer, how to identify potential cancerous moles and how to make better sunscreen purchases

Why Our Customers Love Us

Lifesavers … get yourself checked now!!! Cathy caught an early stage melanoma and all it took was a 20 min removal and a tiny cut. Much better than the alternative!

Nick McCorkindale

I found Dr Laing’s service very good. She took the time to explain everything carefully to me. She also has a very caring and approachable manner. I would visit her clinic again.


Dr Laing has been providing me with friendly and professional care for several years now. I have recommended her to family and friends, all of whom were very happy with the care she provided. I highly recommend Dr Laing’s clinic.

Jemma Wilson