Mole screening in the workplace is a cost-effective way to take care of your staff.

We can even come to you!

Packages from less than $90 per employee

Looking after the health of your employees is just smart business.
Melanoma is one of NZ’s biggest killers, but early detection has a very high success rate.

NZ Skin Health uses the latest technology and highly qualified specialists for quick and efficient screening – get peace of mind that your staff are covered.

Our on-site skin health options start from $899 per half day to screen up to 10 employees with one of our staff members on-site, through to full mole check packages.

NZ Skin Health is different. We provide end to end skin cancer expertise, from prevention, detection, and monitoring, through to removal.

Our expert doctors deliver screening results back to you ASAP

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Our Corporate Clients

In April and May, everyone had an opportunity to get their skin checked for cancerous-looking growths.

422 of us were screened  across our seven sites and 162 images of possible cancers were sent to to specialist doctors for review.  Our survey manager was one of the team screened.

After having a suspicious mole identified, it was confirmed it was cancerous. He had it removed and said with relief, “I really encourage you all to get these checks done when given the chance.”

What their staff say…

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