Our Mission

We want to make skin care and the treatment of lesions, moles and skin cancers easy, affordable and worry-free for all New Zealanders.

To make this happen, we’ve gathered together a team of passionate, caring professionals including NZ’s top skin cancer experts and specialist surgeons across our network of NZ Skin Health clinics. Supporting their expertise, we’ve added the latest detection software and diagnostic equipment.

Put your faith in us and trust NZ’s leading full-service skin care clinic where almost every aspect of testing, diagnosis and treatment happens on-site, quickly and comfortably!



Corinna is currently studying a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in Paramedicine in AUT. Corinna enjoys watching in on procedures when time allows during the day.

She is fun-loving, loves working with people and has a passion for helping others.

Corinna loves to be outside with friends enjoying the sun whilst being sun safe, and loves an avo on toast with Kim at Lunch time.



Hannah is currently completing her studies in a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology and Psychology at the University of Auckland, which has provided her with an understanding of how the skin changes following sun damage and the importance of sun protection.

Being one of our friendly reception staff, Hannah enjoys connecting with patients and providing a personalized care.

Hannah enjoys spending time outside and particularly loves a day at the beach and ensuring her family and friends are slip, slop, slapping and wrapping.



Coming all the way from bonnie Scotland Kirsteen is the friendly face at reception welcoming you into the practice. With over 25 years experience in administration Kirsteen has developed a love of providing exceptional patient care. 

Having a big interest in health and wellness, Kirsteen loves making plant based meals and snacks for her family.  Kirsteen enjoys being by the sea, surrounded by palm trees, going for long walks with my music, having a coffee, wine and Whittakers chocolate!”

Jennifer McGauley

Practice Business Manager

Jennifer is our friendly and welcoming Practice Business Manager. She has completed Postgraduate diplomas in Business and Professional Practice Management (healthcare) and enjoys assisting the experienced NZ Skin Health Team to deliver an exemplary patient service. 

With 14 years experience in the healthcare sector in New Zealand and internationally Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the team.

Jennifer has a passion for health and wellbeing with a keen interest in hiking and sailing she appreciates the necessity for Skin Protection and the importance of promoting Skin Health in NZ.

Victoria McDonald


Victoria (Tori) is an experienced Registered Nurse, spending the last 3 years specialising in the field of skin cancer and dermatology. Victoria has completed both her Certificate and Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy through HealthCert, which has provided her with extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and management of skin cancers.

When away from the clinic Victoria enjoys safely spending time outdoors, being active, and is a self-professed foodie.

Victoria feels a great sense of reward from caring for her community and is passionate about spreading awareness on skin cancer prevention measures. Victoria’s top tips are to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen on your face and hands everyday, even if it’s a cloudy day or you spend most of your time indoors. Also, to get familiar with your own skin and perform a self-scan every month so that you are more likely to detect any new or changing lesions.

Kim Dexter

Lead Dermoscopist

Kim is a Registered nurse with over 25 years practical experience including ten years experience as a Dermoscopist specialising in skin cancer and melanoma detection. Kim has completed an Advanced level certificate and is currently completing her Diploma in Dermoscopy through HealthCert.

With an avid interest in the outdoors and ocean related activities, Kim is acutely aware of the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays and the importance of sun protection to prevent skin cancer. Her passion is to reduce the risk of skin cancer by educating and empowering her patients with best practice sun protection and the early detection of skin cancer.

Justine Mentoor


Justine has been a nurse since 2017 and embraces every part of her job – no matter what each day brings. 

With a passion for skin care, Justine has always had an interest in the dermatology field of healthcare. She is currently completing an Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy and plans on continuing her study to achieve a Diploma in Dermoscopy.

“I thoroughly enjoy interacting with people, and a personal goal of mine is to make at least one person smile every day.”

In her downtime, Justine loves finding a good Netflix series to binge watch – so feel free to send any recommendations her way!

Elisha Walker


Elisha has been a Registered Nurse for over 10 years with the past 6 years being dedicated to the Skin Cancer industry. Before that she was a Theatre Nurse. Since moving to New Zealand, she developed a strong fascination for dermoscopy and became a strong advocate for sun protection and early skin cancer detection.

“I can confidently say that I wear sunscreen every single day without fail, even when I’m just at home.”

Elisha is committed to maintaining up to date with the information in her field. She currently has an Advanced Certificate in Dermoscopy and is subscribed to regular webinars and lectures.

Dr. James Tchernegovski


Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery (MBChB), Bachelor of Science (BSc), Member of Skin Cancer College Australasia

Dr. James Tchernegovski, combines his clinical experience in various surgical roles and general practice, to a focused expertise in skin cancer detection and treatment.

James’ journey in medicine is marked by a commitment to both clinical excellence and compassionate care. He prides himself on his ability to build trusting relationships founded on empathy, effective communication, and evidence-based practice.

James has been recognised with several accolades including graduating University of Auckland’s Medical School with Distinction and receiving the Local Heroes Award from Counties Manukau District Health Board.

In his spare time he can be found following in his father’s footsteps with clay sculpting, tending to his garden, or running with his dogs, Indie and Murphy.

Dr. Cathy Malone

Skin Cancer Doctor

Founder of New Zealand Skin Health Clinic. Southern Cross accredited provider.

Experienced for 14 years in the discipline of Skin Cancer Medicine, Dermoscopy and minor skin surgery, Appearance Medicine.

“When working in Australia 14 years ago, I was introduced to the discipline of Skin Cancer Medicine. I very quickly recognized the need for this important work with the high rates of melanoma and skin cancer in general within Australasia. I embarked upon post graduate studies with the Queensland university in Australia at the early stage of pursuing this vocation, and my resolve in this facet of medicine was reinforced by the fact that I’ve been able to readily provide a quick access to care for many patients that has saved the lives of many – its such a wonderful feeling to save someone’s life!”

“My approach to patients in our care is a friendly but professional one, ensuring the detection of skin cancers early, hence saving lives and providing competent ongoing care.”


plastic surgeon

Dr Michael Klaassen has over 30 years experience in the field of plastic surgery and is one of our locum surgeons.

Having spent time in a variety of roles in the UK and Australia, Michael now runs six clinics around New Zealand.

Aside from plastic surgery, Michael’s other passion is music and in his spare time he plays guitar in a band.