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Here’s How NZ SKIN HEALTH Stacks Up to the Competition

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A full Body SKIN check is one of the best ways to beat skin cancer.

Early detection saves your skin, literally. An annual (or biannual) mole checking can detect skin cancer or melanoma before they even become a thing. Small lesions can usually be removed comfortably and easily in the clinic. If a procedure is needed, it is usually booked for a later date with one of our onsite GPs or plastic surgeons.

A full body mole check generally takes around 45 minutes. It is non-invasive and painless.

Diagnosis is typically done on the day. However, if needed, this will be escalated to one of our skin cancer GPs who will call you to discuss your results.

Remember, early detection is the best prevention for skin cancers and melanomas.

Get your skin checked before being exposed to the sun any time of the year.