Membership Program

At NZ Skin Health we’ve got your back covered – literally!


Save hundreds of dollars by becoming a member.

Why pay for your mole check now, when you can get this one free and the next one with interest-free monthly payments?

There is no catch. No sign-up fees, no hidden costs, no cancellation fees after 9 months. Your membership covers you for your initial mole check, any follow-ups, spot checks, and discounts on treatments. Easy interest-free monthly payments are the most cost-effective way to get ongoing peace of mind

You don't have to worry

Our easy, low-cost monthly payment plans take the sting out of regular mole checks and minor on-the-spot treatments. In many cases, we can treat on the same day. Painless!

We’ll even let you know when it’s time for your check.

Highly Experienced Team

With a highly experienced team of skin specialists and the latest equipment, NZ Skin Health has an excellent track record of early detection – the most effective way of preventing skin cancer – so our membership program is the easy way to get ongoing peace of mind.

Major Health Insurers

We’re also affiliated with most major health insurers, so if you need a little more attention, we’ve got your back covered there, too. No GP Referral needed – we’ll make sure your doctor is kept up to date.

Want ongoing peace of mind? Join the club.