Terms and Conditions

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Membership Program Terms & Conditions

Activations & Payments

All memberships are set up and charged through Ezypay Ltd.  Active Member information is securely stored by Ezydebit Ltd and removed when a plan is cancelled.  All payments are processed as per our subscriptions terms and conditions below. Payments are charged to your registered bank account or credit card on a monthly basis, starting the first Wednesday after signing up.

Memberships are active from the date of signing and can be used right away. Memberships will continue to be charged unless a written request to cancel is received by NZ Skin Health from the member. Memberships cannot be transferred or used by any other persons at any time. A failed payment fee of $8.90 is charged by Ezypay Ltd when a payment is unable to be processed for any reason. Ezypay Ltd will be the point of contact for any missed payment fee queries.


You can cancel your membership at any time with one month notice, unless you have utilised your free annual mole map under the member benefits program within the first 6 months. In this case, a Cancellation fee to the equivalent value of 6 months worth of your selected membership will apply. ($150 cancellation fee for Silver, $234 cancellation fee for Gold)


Annual mole map – Full body skin check by one of our dermoscopists & reviewed by one of our skin cancer doctors. Review may be done on site in the same appointment if availability allows for it, however, will usually be reviewed separately by one of skin cancer doctors. Any recommendations or results will be discussed with you by phone or given to you via voicemail, We aim to have all mole map recommendations to you within 24 hours from your visit.

Follow-ups – 3-month follow-ups are usually recommended to review any potentially concerning lesions. Any follow up appointment recommended by the doctor are included in your membership.

Unlimited spot checks – Spot checks are booked as a 10-minute appointment to keep an eye on a particularly concerning mole or investigate something new that’s popped up between mole maps. A limit of one lesion can be checked per appointment. Unlimited spot checks are offered on a fair use basis and cannot be consecutively booked as an alternative to your full check-up.

Free sunscreen samples and other freebies – Any promotional samples will be given to you at your full body mole map appointments and are subject to availability.

Follow up reminder service – Reminders for Mole Maps or follow up appointments will be sent via text message and email to your registered email address and mobile number. You will also receive a phone call to remind you to book your mole map prior to your due date.

For any questions, contact us at info@nzskinhealth.co.nz or call us on Ph. +64 9 533 4141.